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CCTV CameraAt CCTVwiz, one of the things we’re really bad at is being in two places at once. Apparently it’s a common problem. So we’ve worked something out that might help us all.

We’ll turn up to your house or business and install a CCTV camera (or more if you want them) that you can view from any internet connection.

Viewing the cameras on a laptop is simple and they work really well on iPhones too. Try our demo.

We have lots of different cameras

  • wide angle lenses for viewing large areas
  • high powered lenses to monitor one spot in detail,
  • cameras which can look left and right and look people up and down (the sophisticated people call these pan, tilt & zoom or PTZ cameras) or;
  • cameras that can see in the dark (infra-red cameras).

Are You A Retailer?

If you own a shop we can even superimpose the data from the till onto the CCTV image.


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