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CCTV CameraBelieve it or not, not all employees are 100% honest.

The experts who know about these things tell us that employees who work with cash at checkouts are more prone to "mistakes"!

A CCTV system from CCTV Whizz can drastically reduce retail fraud.

Not only can you detect it more easily, but by having a retail CCTV system from us, you can deter a lot of retail fraud.

  • You can remotely view your premises 24x7 on your PC or iPhone
  • We can superimpose data from cash registers onto the CCTV video image so you know exactly what has been entered
  • We do all the recording on our servers and you have playback access 24x7 from any internet connected PC

Did you know?

  • Retail Crime in the UK is estimated at well above the £1/2 billion mark per year.
  • 80% of retail fraud is at point of sale - till fraud
  • Retail businesses lose an average of 1% to retail fraud each year
  • Research shows that 25% of employees are totally honest, 25% are totally dishonest, and the remaining 50% are swayed by opportunity
  • Many staff do not regard consuming goods or taking goods for personal use as theft, but as perks of the job

Common Retail Fraud Tactics

There a few common ways of swindling a few pennies from the till:

1. Sweethearting

This is where someone working in cahoots with the till operator (their “sweetheart”) brings goods to the checkout but the till operator doesn’t scan them all. The sweetheart makes off with goods which haven’t been paid for.

2. No Sales / Void Sales

This is where the till operator puts through a “no sale” to open the till drawer. They take the money from the customer for the goods but the sale has never been entered. The till operator then pockets the cash.

3. Returns and Refunds

A sweetheart takes goods off the shelf and brings them to the till operator. Instead of making a sale, the goods are taken back and a refund is made.

4. Substitute Scanning

Where checkouts are equipped with bar-code scanning devices, the operator passes two items over the scanning device at one time so that only one item is recorded, (normally the low value item).

How can CCTVwiz Help?

Checkout Readout To CCTV Recording

Sweethearts buy two,
get four free?

We can help you to prevent these by magically getting the data from your tills to appear on your CCTV footage.

A picture is worth 1,000 words so see the screen grab opposite.

The barman has served up 6 drinks but only charged for 2.


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